[321] How to get people to actually read your blog with Andy Crestodina

Andy Crestodina is an experienced content and ethical digital marketing expert who has helped thousands of businesses get better results online.  In this episode he shares his top tips on getting more people to read your blog, how to make your content rank higher in search engines and why collaboration is the key to growing... READ MORE

[319] Why you should be using Pinterest in 2019 (plus how to do it)

Pinterest is the second biggest search engine after Google. Which means,  if used correctly, it can be a massive game changer when it comes to getting more eyes on your content.  In this episode Eve Tokens shares practical tips on how to use Pinterest for your business including how she has helped me improve traffic... READ MORE

[211] How to create the perfect website for your small business with Martin Huntbach

Whatever stage you’re at in your business, an effective website - that helps you attract leads and sales - is a must. In this episode, web designer and SEO expert Martin Huntbach shares his tips on how to create a clean, professional website for your business that will help you attract more traffic and convert... READ MORE

[144] Are you making this mistake with your about page?

The ‘about’ page on your website should be about you and your business, right?  Not necessarily. In this episode, I share a common mistake you could be making with your about page (and how to fix it). Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode: Why your ‘about’ page shouldn’t be all about you Advice on... READ MORE

[101] How to build your own website with Jess Catorc

Jess Catorc helps female entrepreneurs create stylish DIY websites and particularly enjoys working with women who don't feel like they're "techie". In this episode she shares her tips on creating DIY websites. Here’s what's covered in this episode: Where to host your website Why it might be worth buying more than one domain name for... READ MORE

[036] Give your brand a spring clean

Do you hate sending people to your website because you feel it's outdated? Do you apologise when you give out your business card because you're embarrassed about the design ? Do you cringe at the copy on your social media profiles ? And let’s not even get started on those old photos... If you've answered 'yes' to... READ MORE

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