[175} How to make money from your creative business with Jeff Goins

If you have a passion for something creative, you might think it’s not possible to turn it into a successful business. In this episode, bestselling author Jeff Goins talks about how to overcome what he calls the ‘starving artist mindset’ and build a thriving business doing something that you love. Here’s what you’ll learn in... READ MORE

[172] How to tackle writer's block

If you’ve ever spent hours trying to write a blog post, website copy or marketing email - only to produce a couple of sentences - then this podcast episode is for you. In this episode, I share why I don’t believe in writer’s block - and three strategies you can use to ensure you never... READ MORE

[141] How to write and publish your own book with Amanda Cook

Being a published author can help you build credibility in your niche - and attract leads and sales -  making it the best possible business card you can have. But how do you get published? And how do you get your book in front of the people you want to reach? In this episode, wellness... READ MORE

[067] How to write and publish your own non-fiction book with Joanna Penn

Joanna Penn is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling thriller writer and non-fiction author who has sold over 450,000 books in 74 countries and 5 languages. She's also a speaker, podcaster and online course creator. In this episode she shares her advice on how to get your book idea out of your head and onto... READ MORE

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