[440] The secret to a successful online course or membership launch

Want to know the secret to launching a successful online course or membership site?

In this special podcast episode, I’m sharing a game-changing lesson from my Build Your Online Audience Programme which has helped some of my clients generate thousands of pounds in revenue.

You’ll learn the steps you need to take to launch an online course or membership (some of which might surprise you).

PLUS how long it will take to build the audience of the size you need to launch a profitable online course or membership .

You’ll find out how spending too much time on the wrong activities can hold you up (and what those activities are).

There’s also tons of ideas on how to generate income in your business FAST (even if you haven’t built your online audience yet).

Want to know more about my Build Your Online Audience Programme? Head to the links in the show notes below.

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Podcast shownotes

  • About the science of audience building (04:12)
  • Why your audience need to get to know you before they buy (08:50)
  • How long it takes to build your audience for an online course/membership (13:01)
  • Why you need a bigger audience than you might think (15:57)
  • What I didn’t realise about audience building when I started out (17:35)
  • Why your course/membership launch flopped (18:15)
  • How to make money in your business  – even if you haven’t built an audience yet (20:12)
  • The three online audiences you need to build to sell online courses/memberships (22:17)
  • Why you might be spending too much time on the wrong audience (23:33)
  • How long it takes someone to trust you enough buy from you (24:37)
  • Your mindset – and how it can holdiyou back from building your audience (26:04)
  • How to reach out to the people who are most likely to buy from you (28:14)
  • How to work out your hot, warm and cold leads (28:51)
  • Why you shouldn’t be afraid to go for the ‘no’ (35:20)
  • How to get more leads and opportunities from existing clients/customers (36:33)


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