[426] The ultimate course launch checklist: how to plan and create content for a course/membership launch

Are you planning to launch a course or membership…but feel overwhelmed by the idea of all the content you might have to create?

If so, you’ll love this podcast episode: The ultimate course launch checklist: how to plan and create content for a course/membership launch  

Here’s what I’ll cover:

✔️ The two different types of content you need to create (and why it’s better to create one before the other)

✔️ My launch checklist (i.e. the essential content I think you need to create for a launch)

✔️ The three different launch phases (and what you should be publishing in each).

Discover how you can save time by repurposing content that you create and how much time you’ll really need for your launch.

PLUS I have a free download where you can get a copy of my launch checklist (scroll to the end for the link)

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Podcast shownotes

  • About my launch content intensive one to one (03:46)
  • The different types of content that you need to create for a launch (5:31)
  • What functional content is and why you need to create it (06:14)
  • Why you should write a project overview (and how to do it) (8:23)
  • Why you need to nail your offer or your sell in your sales page (10:30)
  • How to map out sales page content and information you need (14:15)
  • Why you need to spend time getting your testimonials right (16:09)
  • Why you need to have an FAQ section and use this for content creation (20:41)
  • What you need to consider for onboarding emails (24:07)
  • How to repurpose functional content into marketing content (27:01)
  • The types of email needed for a launch and how to save time (30:19)
  • How to repurpose your sales page into social media posts (32:28)
  • How to plan core content strategically around what you’re selling (33:22)
  • Why you need to consider the type of content in relation to the sale you want (34:57)
  • Why you need to give yourself enough time to launch (37:35)
  • How to build authority with content (and why you need to do this) (40:07)
  • How to create content that makes a buzz about a launch (45:25)
  • Why you need to create content about objections (48:16)
  • How to repurpose functional content into consideration content (49:20)
  • How long should you allow for a launch time (51:03)


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