Three design tweaks every PR savvy business owner should make

One of the most common questions I get asked (apart from 'how do I get PR?') is 'who's your designer?'

While I’m no design expert, I’ve made a few changes to my branding that have had a noticeable impact on my website traffic, social media engagement and sign ups to my email list.

So I thought it would be fun (and helpful) to share some things that are working for me right now in my branding.

1. Creating shareable blog post images in a consistent, memorable style

Female podcaster speaking into a microphone forawareness
Woman looking through her fingers with fear podcast005

I create mine in Illustrator (well, actually, my husband Ed does!) using my own photos or those from free sites like: Unsplash, Sitebuilder report or Deposit photos. Not only do people tell me they'd recognise my blog images anywhere, I also get far more social shares when I use them.

You can create your own blog post images using free online photo editing tools like PicMonkey or CanvaSmart, legible fonts will help your brand stand out and there are plenty of sites (like this one for example that will suggest complimentary fonts for your headers and body text.

2. Photography that tells a story

After a session with branding consultant Phil Pallen in which he explained that photography is the most important aspect of your branding, I commissioned my photographer to take some new pictures of me - ones that tell more of a story about who I am, what I do and how I work.

PR consultant Janet Murray sitting on the sofa in her classy garden cabin or shed12132583_10154241556628998_1534035824964076327_o

While I think I could still do better (like most people I find it hard to relax and be myself in photo shoots!) these shots, taken in the ‘she shed’ at the bottom of my garden feel much more authentic. In fact, I like them so much, I commissioned extra shots I could use for blog posts, sales pages and even Facebook ads.



3. Branding your services

I recently got my designer Tracey to create an icon for each of the services/events I offer. Not only is it easier for prospective clients to understand how I can help them, it's also helped me feel much clearer about which services/events to offer.

spr-shop-pressrelease spr-shop-starters