Three ways to work with me in 2019

Are you interested in working with me in 2019 but unsure which is the best product/service for you?

Here is a run down of the three main ways you can work with me in 2019.

This is for you if you need help creating a content plan for 2019 and actually sticking to it. It will help you create 52 weeks of content in just a few hours, save you tons of time on your content planning - and ensure you never run out of ideas for your blog/vlog, email newsletter and/or social media.

The 2019 Media Diary is an A4 desk diary, packed with hundreds of awareness days and key dates to help you plan content for your blog/vlog, email newsletter and social media. PLUS there’s annual, quarterly, weekly and daily planning sheets (and handy checklists, to-do lists and prompts to help you stay on track) - all for £39 plus P&P.

If you need accountability and support to help you create your content plan - and actually stick to it - you need to join the Media Diary Owners' Club. It’s just £102  + P&P and here’s what you get:

  • Four short video tutorials that will walk you through the steps you need to create your content plan for 2019 (annual, quarterly, weekly and daily)
  • A downloadable spreadsheet that allows you to import the dates/awareness days into your online calendar (Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook, Sharepoint).
  • A digital version of the diary, so you can print off specific pages etc
  • Additional printables for use alongside the diary
  • A quarterly group coaching call to generate ideas for the following quarter and keep you on track.
  • A private Facebook group exclusively for Media Diary Owners where you can bounce around content ideas, find opportunities for guest blogging/content collaborations

You can read more about the Media Diary Owners' Club here.

Open day offer: if you join the Media Diary Owners’ Club by Friday December 14th, you’ll also get a free 2019 wall planner (worth £10).

The Love Marketing Membership is for you if you want to generate more income in your product or serviced-based business - but are unsure which marketing strategies you should be using (PLUS you sometimes feel a bit embarrassed about promoting your business).

When you join the membership, you'll get a checklist of the key marketing activities you should be doing to reach your income goals  (1k, 2k, 5k, 10k a month) plus all the resources you need to help you. Plus accountability and support from myself and the rest of the group to reach your goals (including a weekly group coaching call with me).

It’s £378+VAT (annual) or £42+VAT (monthly) and you can read more about it here.

Open day offer: if you join the Love Marketing Membership by Friday December 14th, you’ll also get a free 2019 Media Diary (worth £39).

Join my mastermind programme and you’ll get my personal help (plus the support of a group of like-minded business owners) to grow your audience in 2019 – so you can achieve your business goals

Why is building an audience so important? Because the average conversion rate for online sales is just 1-2%.

Which means for every 100 people on your email list, only a small number will actually buy from you.

If you’re a coach selling 1-2-1 coaching and need 20 clients a year, you may only need a few thousand on your email list.

If you sell low-priced products or online courses/memberships you’ll almost certainly need to shoot for 10k or beyond.

But whatever it is you’re selling…you need a much bigger audience than you think. So if you don’t work on growing your audience every single day – you’ll struggle to sell your products/services.

You can read more about the Build Your Audience mastermind here.

Open day offer: if you join the Build Your Audience Mastermind by Friday December 14th, you’ll also get a free copy of my Inspiration Bundle - six inspiring sessions from my recent live event Content Live (worth £100).

A few other options

If none of these feel right for you, I work with a small number of people 1-2-1 (investment £5k - minimum four month commitment) and may be able to accommodate you in the New Year. If this is you, then do drop me an email and we can set up a call.

I am also running a small masterclass in January for those who want to get booked to speak on big stages in 2019 and beyond (not one for beginners), so if you’re interested, please fill out this application.