Want to pick my brain about PR? Then read this...

The great thing about being a PR specialist, is that almost everyone I meet (in a professional capacity, anyway) wants to know how to get coverage in magazines, newspapers and on radio and TV.

But while I love  talking to people about how to get media coverage, there just isn't enough time in the day to answer all the emails I get on the topic.

That's why I've put together this list post of the most common questions I get asked about PR - with links to relevant content.

I think I've covered everything anyone could possibly ask me about PR, but do post in the comments box if there's something you think I've missed.

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Q: So what exactly is PR?

So what exactly is PR? (and how can it help your business or brand?)

Q: How do I get my business featured in newspapers, magazines, and on radio and TV?

How to get press coverage for your business or brand

Q: Should I hire a PR company?

Think you need to hire a PR company? Read this...

Q: I am launching a new book or product. How do I get press coverage?

Five PR ideas for your next product launch (podcast)

How to get PR for your product launch 

Q: Do I need a press kit/media pack?

Do you need a press kit? (podcast)

Q: A journalist has written something about me I don't like. What should I do? 

How to handle a media crisis 

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Q: What is a press release?

How to write a press release - section 1

Q: What should I include in my press release?

How to write a press release - section 2

You can also do my FREE five day training course: how to write awesome press releases. 

Q: How long should my press release be? 

How to write a press release  - section 3

Q: I’ve sent out a press release, but no one has got back to me. What should I do?

How to write a press release - final paragraph

Q: Should I send the same press release/story to journalists on different publications?

How to write a press release - section 6

Q: Do I need to pay for one of those fancy press release distribution services?

No. It's probably quicker and cheaper to find the contact details  yourself. Read: four free PR resources you probably aren't using enough. 

press release

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Q: Where do I find journalists’ contact details?

How to find journalists' contact details 

How to connect with journalists on social media (without feeling like a crazy stalker) 

How to get press coverage for your small business - section 2

Q: Should I buy lists of journalists' contact details?

Should you buy journalists' contact details? (podcast)

Q: Should I ask journalists to meet me for lunch/coffee?

How to get a meeting with a journalist (podcast)

How to get the most out of a meeting with a journalist (podcast)

The surprisingly obvious thing most people miss in their PR strategy.

How to build relationships with journalists (podcast)

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Q: What is an email pitch (and how do I write one?) 

How to write emails journalists will actually read 

How to pitch journalists like a pro (podcast)

Want to get more press coverage? Try using these 9 influential words...

Q: What’s the best time of day to pitch to journalists?

17 signs you're doing ok with your PR (even if you don't feel like it) - section 16

Q: Should I write the article before I pitch it to journalists? 

This little piggy got some press coverage (and so can you) - section 6

Q: Is it ok to pitch to journalists on social media?

How to find + network with journalists on social media (without being a sleazy stalker) 

Q: How do I pitch journalists over the phone?

Do you get nervous about pitching journalists over the phone? Read this

Q: If there’s something in the news that’s relevant to my business, should I follow up with journalists? 

How to use newsjacking to get media coverage for your business 

Q: What should I do if no one is replying to my press releases or pitches?

What to do if journalists are ignoring you

How to develop your pitching muscle (and why you need to) (podcast)

Be happy (I mean it!) and use the feedback to improve. Why I love it when journalists ignore my emails

Q: How do I get press coverage when I don't have any news?

Eight things you can do to get press coverage when you don't have any news 

Five easy ways to get press coverage

Q: I get intimidated by pitching to journalists. What should I do? 

How not to feel intimidated by journalists (podcast)

What to do when you feel icky about PR

PR for introverts (podcast)

How to do PR when you're an introvert

Six mind hacks that will help you get more press coverage

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Q: What kind of stories are journalists interested in? 

How to tell your story in the media (without being boring) 

Why Facebook is your secret PR weapon

Would your story idea pass the BBC Homepage test? 

Q: How do I get my own column in a newspaper or magazine?

How to land a regular column in a newspaper or magazine 

Q: How can I tell if my story is interesting enough for the nationals?

Will your story interest national journalists? Here's how to find out 


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Q: Can you take a look at my press release and tell me if it’s any good?

It can take at least 30 minutes (if not longer) to look at a press release and give useful feedback, so I don't have time to respond to individual requests. If you'd like to book some consultancy with me, you can do so here. 

Q: How much would you charge me to write a press release? 

Why I won't write you a press release (however much you pay me). 

Q: Can you give me some advice on how to get PR for my business?

If you want general advice, you can come to one of my events or sign up to my mailing list to hear about my free webinars and hangouts. You can also join my Facebook group. 

Every business and industry is different, so if you want 1-2-1 advice, you'll need to book some consultancy

Q: Can you do my PR for me?

No, but I can teach you how to do it yourself (saving you hours of time and money). Check out my done-with-you PR service.


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