Soulful PR


What is Soulful PR? 

I believe there is a need for a more soulful approach to PR – one that isn’t motivated by ego or the need for ‘fame’.

While you focus on being of service to journalists (instead of getting a ‘plug’ for your business), magical things start to happen: ideas flow more easily, you have conversations with journalists (instead of sales calls) and feel like you’re helping them (rather than pestering them for coverage).

And the best thing is, when you take this approach, you actually get better media coverage for your business.

The three principles that underpin Soulful PR (and everything I do in my work) are: 


Develop story ideas that are perfect for the publications you want to get coverage in – and their audiences (instead of looking for an ego massage for you/ your business)


Seek media coverage for genuine stories that come from the heart and serve people in some way e.g. by educating or raising awareness (rather than manufacturing stories)


Communicate your message in clear, jargon-free language

Want to learn more?  Read about my #SoulfulPR programme here.