[301] What it really takes to build an online business with Lucy Parsons

What it really takes to build an onlin ebusiness with lucy parsons

Academic coach Lucy Parsons started her business four years ago and has seen her revenue grow from just £10 a week to over 50k a year.

In this episode, Lucy – who is part of my membership community – the Love Marketing Membership – shares how she has gained fantastic press coverage for her business, used webinars, Facebook lives and email marketing to convert leads into sales and successfully written and promoted a book.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • How Lucy’s business was doing when she started the membership (3:28)
  • How Lucy got press coverage for her business – and how it impacted her business (7:54)
  • How creating content consistently helps your business grow (and improves your SEO) (10:10)
  • How the Office Hour helped Lucy (15:42)
  • Why growing your online business takes trial and error (23:14)
  • How investment has helped Lucy grow her business (27:14)
  • Lucy’s plans for her membership (31:19)
  • How Lucy’s income has grown since she has been a member (34:19)
  • Lucy’s biggest tips for growing your online business (36:45)


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