[282] On-Air Coaching: What should I include in my email newsletter? with Heidi Wall

what should i include in my newsletter with heidi wall

Do you struggle to think of what to include in your email newsletter?  Or do you spend so much time thinking about what to include, you never get round to writing one at all?

Listen to this on-air coaching episode with Boutique Brownies owner, Heidi Wall,  for practical tips on how to create a newsletter that people actually look forward to receiving.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • A brief summary of Heidi’s business and her audience (2:45)
  • Why the content in your newsletter needs to be specific to your audience (4:40)
  • Why you should consider the sort of newsletters you like to receive (and what you can learn from them) (6:25)
  • How to add value to your newsletters (13:20)
  • How to upsell to your current customers (15:01)
  • Why you need to be consistent with your newsletter (19:00)
  • How to write attention grabbing subject headers for your email (21:52)


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