What to do when you feel like giving up

I've run two marathons and the hardest part was definitely the last 800m.

Both times round, I remember seeing the 800m marker and thinking there was no way I could make it to the next one (600m). And the next one (400m). And the next one (200m). And the next one (the finish).

Even at the time, it seemed mad to me that, having ran more than 25 miles, my body and mind were putting up the most resistance  at the time when I could actually see the finish. 

I notice exactly the same thing with my business;  I power through the first 95% of a project with gusto, but the last 5% is often the part where I put up the most resistance. The part where despite being so close to the 'finish line'- I feel overwhelmed, paralysed by the smallest of setbacks and most at risk of giving up.

We all have different times when we feel most like giving up - even when we want something badly. Some people struggle getting started. Others lose heart during the 'messy middle'. Many - like me - struggle most when the end is in sight.

So this week's round up is a bunch of inspiring reads for those times when just putting one front of the other feels hard. Enjoy

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