[435] What’s the difference between marketing a product and a service?

What’s the difference between marketing a product and a service? 

In this podcast episode, I explain why there’s NO difference between selling a product and a service. A

And I explain why the belief that there IS a difference can actually hold you back as a product-based business.

But this episode isn’t just for product-based business owners. It’s packed full of marketing tips for both product and service-based businesses, including the THREE things you must be able to do to sell a product/service successfully (hint: many small business owners aren’t doing any of them).

PLUS why generating desire in your customers/clients is crucial – regardless of whether you sell a product or a service.

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode.}

Podcast shownotes

  • About my 2021 Social media Diary & Planner (02:45)
  • About this podcast episode and why you should listen (05:30)
  • Why there’s no difference in marketing a product or service-based business (08:48)
  • The three things that have to happen if you want to sell your product or service (09:16)
  • Why there’s always emotion involved in any buying decision (10:50)
  • How to create emotional content about a boring product or service (11:30)
  • How to think about your product emotionally (12:57)
  • How to think about your service emotionally (17:10)
  • Why you have to dig deep into the feeling a product or service creates (19:11)
  • Why desire is really important and why it goes beyond solving a problem (22:32)
  • Why desire with a product is a stronger emotional reaction (25:45)
  • Why it’s about the transformation and tapping into the emotion a product creates (30:49)
  • How to think deeply about the emotion and the transformation (37:21)
  • Why you need to create visual content for a service (as well as a product) (39:06)
  • Why it’s powerful to sell a product using emotion (42:43)
  • How to create a lead magnet for a product-based business (44:27)
  • Why sales funnels can be shorter with product-based businesses (49:42)
  • Why you might need to warm up a purchaser for a higher-priced product or service (51:17)
  • Why partnerships are the same regardless of a service or a product-based business (52:22)
  • Why you should build your own audience on your own land (54:35)


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