[255] Why customer care should be part of your marketing strategy with Dan Gingiss

why customer care should be part of your marketing strategy with dan gingiss

Dan Gingiss, author of the book ‘Winning at Customer Care’, explains how you can use social media to improve your customers overall experience of your brand, from turning detractors into raving fans, to learning what features or products you should sell next.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • Dan’s business story (3:50)
  • 8 Steps to better customer care and how to put these into practice (5:34)
  • How social media can be used as a learning tool to find out what is working in your business (9:34)
  • How you can use social media to turn detractors into customers (10:30)
  • How listening to your customers can inspire new features and products for your business (15:10)
  • How to use your customers queries or problems to create content that will help them (17:25)
  • Why you should consider your customers overall experience and how you can get them to share positively about your brand (23:10)
  • The benefits of having CRM systems in place and how you can use them to improve your customers experience (24:35)
  • What automation and ‘chat bots’ mean for the future of customer service communication (26:30)
  • The importance of replying to all your customers on social media, even those who are complimenting your brand (28:47)


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