Do you struggle to make big decisions for your business?

In this episode I share the reasons why I decided to change the name (and format) of my sell out live event Soulful PR Live, along with some practical tips that will help you make decisions in your own business.

Here’s what you’ll learn this episode:

  • How this episode will help you make difficult decisions in your business (3:44)
  • Why I’m changing the name (and format) of my successful live event
  • What to expect at Media Influence Live (5:10)
  • Why Media Influence Live will be covering social media, podcasting and YouTube as well as more traditional media (7:05)
  • How we no longer have to wait to be ‘picked’ to get media attention but we can create our own media instead (12:05)
  • Why publishing great content online can help you get traditional media coverage (14:02)
  • How press is just another form of content you can use to market your business (and is not always the best option) (16:56)
  • What will be included at Media Influence Live and how it will help you (19:32)
  • What you can learn from how I’ve made this decision (27:10)
  • Why sometimes it’s important to lead rather than be led by your audience (29:15)
  • The importance of just ‘taking action’ (32:28)
  • Why you need to make decisions with integrity (33:35)


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