[BONUS] Why I’m ending the Build Your Online Audience podcast (plus what’s coming next)

In this episode, I explain why I’m ending this podcast in two episodes time (episode 450).

I share the reasons why and what’s coming up next (don’t panic – I’m not giving up podcasting all together).
If you’re a regular listener to the show, THANK YOU so much for your support.

{Click on the player above to listen to the podcast episode and/or read on for a detailed overview. Scroll down to the bottom to read the show notes including all the links mentioned in this episode.}

Podcast shownotes


  • My big news about this podcast (0:38)
  • How my podcast audience has kept me motivated (01:48)
  • The three reasons why I’m ending this podcast (03:02)
  • Why I wanted to quit while I was ahead and at the top (05:50)
  • How my business has changed and why I want to align my podcast with that change (06:33)
  • The podcast interview that sparked a lightbulb moment (07:43)
  • Why my Facebook Ads made me realise what my ideal clients really needed (10:09)
  • How my Courageous Content challenge has helped business owners create better content (13:15)
  • How the new podcast will help me align my offerings with my content(15:40)
  • About my new podcast and the topics it will cover (19:18)
  • Why you need to create content  you enjoy and fits your personality (23:50)
  • Why I want to help women find the courage to create content (26:21)
  • How the new podcast will focus more on the emotional side of content creation (28:13)
  • Why marketing ‘gurus’ aren’t alway the best source of content inspiration (29:57)
  • Why we could be talking about building a community rather than an audience  (31:07)
  • The types of guests you’ll hear from on my new podcast (32:41)
  • Why I want to help people find the joy in content creation (33:02)
  • Thanks to my fabulous team behind the podcast (33:46)
  • About the new podcast launch and where you can find more details (34:37)
  • Come along to my podcast party (35:20)


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