[428] Why you find it hard to create and stick to a content calendar (and how to make it easy)

Do you struggle to create content and stick to a content plan?

Would you love to show up online regularly and create great content – but you just can’t ever make the time?

Perhaps you start with good intentions and you struggle with being consistent or you can’t think what to post and it becomes days or weeks before you post anything again.

Maybe creating social media content has become just another thing on your to-do list? Or perhaps you spend ages creating BRILLIANT pieces of content and it goes out and no one responds and you just feel like giving up?

If any of that sounds familiar you’ll love this podcast episode.

I explain the seven problems that people have with creating regular content and how to overcome them.

Find out what type of content creator you are and what you need to think about BEFORE you create your content. Plus the ONE thing your content must-do if you’re going to get people engaging with you.

Listen and find out what could be holding you back in your content creation and why you can’t rely on your willpower alone if you’re NOT feeling the love for it.

Discover how to make content creation your thing and what to do if you really don’t enjoy it.

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Podcast shownotes


  • About my content planning event 2021 Sorted (01:30)
  • How to catch up with 2021 Sorted  if you missed it live (02:45)
  • Some background to this podcast episode (04:09)
  • Why you can’t force yourself to stick to a content plan (14:50)
  • Why people find it hard to stick to a content plan (16:23)
  • Why it’s hard to create content if you haven’t got a business plan (17:05)
  • Why you need to figure out your audience before you plan your content (18:05)
  • Why your content isn’t getting any engagement (19:10)
  • Why you have to understand your audiences emotional needs (19:50)
  • What to think about if you don’t know what sort of content to create (20:30)
  • Why you should create content according to the buying journey of your audience (24:08)
  • The three different types of content that you can create (30:06)
  • Why you have to make the time to create content (31:29)
  • How to get accountability to make sure you create content (32:40)
  • Why your social media platform might be holding you back (35:06)
  • Why batching content might work for you (37:45)
  • The three type of content creator (38:40)
  • Why you should delegate the parts of content creation you don’t like (40:54)
  • Why you shouldn’t let other people’s content hold you back (42:42)
  • Why your self-beliefs could be holding you back from creating content (44:35)
  • Why you have to find your thing (47:41)


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