[447] Women in podcasting: why we need more women’s voices on podcasts

Did you know that just one in three podcast hosts are women?

And just 21% of chart-topping podcast hosts are female?

Even though almost as many women listen to podcasts as men. 

So what holds women back from launching a podcast? And why do so few women who DO start a podcast hit the top of the charts in their niche?

This special podcast episode – published to mark International Women’s Day 2021 – aims to inspire more women to get their voices heard.

You’ll hear from four podcasters (three female and one male) on how to get started with podcasting and overcome common fears – like getting to grips with the tech and getting used to the sound of your own voice. PLUS practical tips on launching your podcast.

Even if starting a podcast isn’t on your radar, there is so much to inspire you in this episode to get your voice out there.

Speakers: Charlotte Foster, Ant McGinley, Anna Parker Naples and Avni Gohill.

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Podcast shownotes

  • Why I hosted a ‘Women in Podcasting Session’ at 2021Sorted (01:42)
  • Why you should listen to this podcast episode (even if you’re not launching a podcast) (02:30)
  • Who you’ll hear from in this episode (05:12)
  • How long should a podcast episode really be (06:56)
  • Why planning is key to making your podcast episode  interesting (07:18)
  • How to get over the fear of hearing your voice on a podcast (07:52)
  • How to relax when you’re recording your podcast (10:50)
  • Why you shouldn’t script your podcast episode  (11:20)
  • How to get your podcast started and why you don’t need a big budget (13:21)
  • Why podcasting is powerful for raising your business visibility (19:50)
  • Why your podcast launch strategy is important for positioning in the future (21:10)
  • How to be strategic when choosing your podcast guests (22:16)
  • Why your podcast is a great source of content (23:13)
  • Why your podcast is great for your SEO on Google (24:05)
  • Why you don’t need loads of fancy equipment to record a podcast (28:08)
  • How to use Zoom to record your podcast episodes (29:07)
  • Why a podcast is a long term investment (33:02)
  • Why you have to promote your podcast and keep telling people about it (35:18)
  • How to keep your podcast editing simple (35:29)
  • Tools you can use for editing your podcast audio (37:10)



Podcast speakers

Charlotte Foster Turn up the volume on your voice
Anna Parker Naples Podcast with impact
Ant McGinley Pods up North
Avni Gohil Virtuelicious  



Descript –  transcribe and edit audio
Audacity – for recording and editing
Searchie – for transcripts
Otter – for recording and transcripts
Zoom for recording your podcast 

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